Asad Waleed Durán

"I take what I want.”

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Storm ➣ Asi-Theia


Aletheia couldn’t stand it. She couldn’t stand her tone towards him, she couldn’t stand the fact that he wasn’t being honest with himself, she couldn’t stand the words he said, for she knew they couldn’t be true, she just couldn’t take it anymore. She had seen the way he looked at her, how he touched her when he said he cared about her, the sheer look of shock and disappointment when she didn’t know the father of her baby. The anger that she so skillfully suppressed began to boil and overflow. Her hands clenched into a tight fist as he walked away from her. Normally she wouldn’t go after him, she would walk away—run away from him for the problems he caused her.

"You love him don’t you?"

"Yes, more than anything."

That was the conversation she once had with her aunt and here she was trying to get away from him, cutting all ties with a man she could not live without, not again. Not this time. This time she had a choice to leave him behind or stay by his side, but she couldn’t do that, not until he was completely honest with himself and free of the contract that bound them together. Then she could truly show him what he had always doubted in her. So she went after him, her hand grabbing a hold of his elbow and roughly twisting him around.

"Why can’t you be honest with yourself, Asi?" She demanded. She was angry and confused, her mind filled with so many emotions at once, "When will you let go of your damn pride? How long are you going to fight against what you truly want? You don’t want money. You never did. I know you. I know you care or at least you did so don’t you walk away from me. Don’t you dare walk away from me because I’ve had enough of us walking away from each other!”

Asi didn’t expect the delicate hand that grabbed him by the arm, stopping him in his tracks. He turned around to face her, eyes still dark and fiery from their argument.

"Don’t you dare walk away from me because I’ve had enough of us walking away from each other!”

"It’s a bit to late to realize this now, don’t you think?" He then said. "

What else do you want from me, Aletheia?” He faced her, stepping forward without thinking, pushing her against the wall. “I don’t see why we’re still having this conversation. We go in circles each we try to discuss things and honestly, I’m getting tired of it,” his words slipped out easily as if he wasn’t minding what he was saying. All these would be easier, he thought to himself, if she didn’t look too eager to speak. And for the life of him he couldn’t figure out what else she had to say to him. He knew well she hated him and he didn’t need to hear it once again.

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Tsk tsk tsk.

Storm ➣ Asi-Theia


Theia scoffed at his words. Once again he was making excuses. Excuses to keep her around. Money, entertainment, that’s what he always told her when she asked for her freedom. Now he wanted to get every cents worth from her but what did that even mean? “Really? There you go making excuses again, Asi.” She said, her voice almost gentle, “Have you really gotten your moneys worth? Three years and you never bothered to come and fetch me, your slave that you so desperately try to cling to because of “money” then when you finally have me in your grasp you claim me once again. You rip me from the life I made for myself, because you got bored and thought I would be good entertainment. Then you tell me you love me and when I get pregnant you say you’d be there but you completely draw yourself away from me and when I leave you, again, you don’t bother to come after me, your slave that you have money staked on. You don’t even want me around yet you say you want to keep me because of money? What a load of bullshit.” Her gentle voice slowly growing colder throughout her speech. No longer was she just angry with herself, she was angry with him for not being honest with himself. “What is it, Asi? You either want me or you don’t. If it’s money you’re worried about then how much? How much do I need to pay you to buy my freedom? It’s been years and I’m damaged goods now, so I might not be as much as you might think. I will pay off my cousin’s debt once and for all and I’ll be free and you won’t be able to make that excuse anymore.”

Asi’s expression remained the same the whole time she spoke, her voice low and cold. She talked about the life she built for herself and how she was taken from it for his own entertainment. He knew for a fact that the reason for pulling her from her new world to be part of his own once again was far more deeper than wanting someone to help him pass the time. He had been stuck in the past and only lived for his daughter and seeing her once again reminded him that he was still alive and there was so much more to look forward to. Now he realized it was a mistake getting in contact with her again. He didn’t regret the time they shared. Not once he would. But he it was obvious his past actions didn’t do them any good. He was right to stay away the first time she left. He should’ve left it at that… “I want the full amount you and your family owed me - no more, no less - by the end of the month. I get my money and you - can walk away. And you’ll never hear from me again,” he finished, leaving the table to proceed to the study. He couldn’t stand being in the same room as her any longer. He needed his own space.

Storm ➣ Asi-Theia


Aletheia jumped at his sudden outburst, His words caused a tightening in her chest as if he were crushing her heart and lungs within his bare hands. She wanted to tear her eyes away from him, but she was too shocked, too filled with hatred towards herself more than towards him. She hated how deeply she had come to love him, wanting nothing more than to be his completely but she hated for not fighting back like she should have so many times before instead of leaving him. It left them in this kind of situation every time she left. She would hate him for not coming after her but perhaps he truly never cared for her in the first place. Without taking her eyes off of him, she rose up from her seat, her own palm resting on the table to support herself for what she was about to say: “Then let me go.” She said quietly, calmly, her voice toneless even though inside she was an emotional wreck but she couldn’t let him see, if he never loved her she wasn’t going to grovel or weep in front of him, “I am no use to you now right? Just damaged goods. That’s what you said to me once right? I’m only bound to you by the contract that we made four years ago, a contract which I think is null and void at this point. So set me free and you’ll be free of me, of all of this…this annoyance that I’ve caused you. You’ll be free to live your life and I free to live mine and we’ll never see each other again.” She hesitated, her voice wavering slightly, “Set me free, Asi. Show me just how much you never cared and let me go. No excuses this time. No more.”

Asi felt the coldness in her voice grip him tightly and its shivering effect coursed throughout his body. Even with the knowledge that the end was near, he couldn’t bring himself to back down or correct all the wrong assumptions she just laid out in front of him. For a long time he held on to her and he held on to whatever they might have before things went entirely wrong. And now, she was asking for her freedom yet again and this time he wasn’t going to fight it. Standing straight, he keep his dark eyes fixed on her, not wanting to be in the same room as she was. Maybe once this was over it would be better. For both of them. But what about the child? What about the child? He wasn’t even sure if it was his… But did it really matter? He knew for a fact that even if the child she was carrying was not his biological child he would love it unconditionally. Like he did Sabah. Again, his lips spoke the opposite of what he had all along in his mind. Maybe he wanted to hurt her the way he was hurting but what he didn’t realize was that the more he put her through any kind of pain, he suffered even more. So, she never wanted to be owned and she wanted her freedom… “I don’t think so,” he firmly said. “I spent a lot of money on you and I intend to get every cent back and that’s what I intend to do.”

Storm ➣ Asi-Theia


Aletheia leaned back in her seat, bellowing with laughter at his comment. Oh how contradictory was that statement to everything else that was happening outside of this moment, she thought, trying to calm her laughter so she could speak. “You? Show concern?” She asked, her tone laced with resentment, “Sure, you do that at first but after a while you go back on your word, don’t you? You say you’re concerned, say you want to be of service but finally when push comes to shove where is that concern you pride yourself in then? It disappears and you stop giving a damn. Isn’t that how it is? Please tell me if I’m wrong, enlighten me.”

Asi felt the tip of his ears getting hot as words flowed from her lips. “I will not be insulted in my own house!” He stood up from his seat, palms jammed against the hard table’s surface, dishes and glasses shaking at the force. His eyes dark as he stared at her, chest rose up and down. He didn’t want this argument. He didn’t want to be upset and most importantly, he didn’t want her resentment but it was written on her face and he wanted to soothed them out. Instead, anger sat heavy on his chest. He was angry at himself and he found himself agreeing with her. He was never there for her, was he? And before he knew it, lies were coming out of his mouth and he wasn’t sure anymore who he was trying to hurt. “Maybe I never truly cared about you, slave.”